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    01/01/2018 to 01/08/2018
    Sunday 7th January
    Epiphany / Baptism of Christ
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Lorna Faulkner
  • 10.30am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Lorna Faulkner
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Gordon Mackley
  • 01/08/2018 to 01/15/2018
    Sunday 14th January
    2nd Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Kristin Stevenson (Bible Society)
  • 10.30am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Kristin Stevenson (Bible Society)
  • 6.30pm - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 01/15/2018 to 01/22/2018
    Sunday 21st January
    3rd Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 10.30am - All-Age
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Karen Sanders
  • 01/22/2018 to 01/29/2018
    Sunday 28th January
    4th Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Robin Williamson
  • 10.30am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Dorcas Kingsford
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Chris Key


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Epiphany - 9:00am
3rd Sunday of Advent - 9:00am

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January Service schedule (v2) - updated 8th January 2018

Details of Christmas services are available to view at #GodWithUs


Coming in to a church for the first time can be quite a daunting experience; for some even the word ‘church’ conjures an image of a cold building, out of date music, weird jargon and long, boring talks.

We don’t think those things have to be part of church in the 21st century - we want to make sure that when you visit us you will find a warm, friendly welcome, contemporary music, down to earth messages that help you to make better sense of life, a safe place for children to make friends, grow and have fun and comfortable facilities with refreshments available.

What do I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable and to be yourself, so our message is a simple one - wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Some people come in jeans, some a little smarter, but don’t worry, we don’t have Trinny and Susannah at the door to tell you what to wear.

What sort of music will I hear?

The type of music depends what service you choose to attend. For instance, we have three different Sunday services, each with their own style of worship.

Our first morning service (at 9:00am) is an ordered service with modern language and a gentle style and makes use of an organ (or piano and acoustic guitar) for a mixture of traditional hymns and more modern songs. 

Our second morning service (at 10:30am) is an informal service making use of a small live band and exciting worship - and also includes groups for pre-school, primary and secondary children. 

Our evening service (at 6:30pm) also makes use of a small band with guitars, drums, keyboards etc. in a relaxed and inclusive setting. 

We also use audio visual equipment at many of our services; we’re not trying to put on a show, but we hope that these things will help you to worship God in a fresh and vibrant way.

All our services are explained so that anyone new to church will know what’s going on and feel right at home. Refreshments are served after most services and you are very welcome to join us.

We trust that you will meet with the living God among us and discover his amazing love for you.

There is more going on at St. Luke’s than ‘just’ what happens on a Sunday. Why not come and see for yourself?


From the moment we are born, we need a family, we need to belong in a community of people.

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Worship is at the heart of everything we do, not just on Sunday, but the whole of our lives.

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Children & Youth

We hope to engage our young people to be excited about what God has planned for their lives.

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