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    01/01/2018 to 01/08/2018
    Sunday 7th January
    Epiphany / Baptism of Christ
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Lorna Faulkner
  • 10.30am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Lorna Faulkner
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Gordon Mackley
  • 01/08/2018 to 01/15/2018
    Sunday 14th January
    2nd Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Kristin Stevenson (Bible Society)
  • 10.30am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Kristin Stevenson (Bible Society)
  • 6.30pm - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 01/15/2018 to 01/22/2018
    Sunday 21st January
    3rd Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 10.30am - All-Age
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Karen Sanders
  • 01/22/2018 to 01/29/2018
    Sunday 28th January
    4th Sunday of Epiphany
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Robin Williamson
  • 10.30am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Dorcas Kingsford
  • 6.30pm - Evening Prayer
    Speaker: Chris Key


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Epiphany - 9:00am
3rd Sunday of Advent - 9:00am

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View the latest (January 2018) edition of ‘Connect’ parish news
Updated 2nd January 2018

January Service schedule (v2) - updated 8th January 2018

Details of Christmas services are available to view at #GodWithUs

General information
Pastoral care

If you become aware of pastoral needs within the church family, please contact the church office on 01622 661169 or email us.

Barnabus Fund

This fund, supported by regular contributions from the Parochial Church Council, provides help to members of St. Luke’s by making small grants to help with one-off emergency difficulties. All applications are considered in the strictest confidence.

Personal belongings

Personal items you bring to St. Luke’s remain your responsibility; please keep them with you at all times.

Wheelchair access

Please keep the ramps at the entrance and the aisles inside the church clear at all times. This is important to help and welcome those who use wheelchairs and pushchairs and, in the event of an emergency, these areas need to be free for emergency services.


Wheelchair accessible toilets (and baby-changing facilities) are available in the church foyer.

Audio hearing loop

An audio link is installed within the area of seating in the main body of the church. All the seats to the left-hand side of the central aisle are covered by our hearing aid induction loop.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any area of St. Luke’s Church or associated buildings.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to get more involved in the practical side of life at St. Luke’s but are not sure how, you can get more information by contacting the church office on 01622 661169 or emailing us.

‘Tell the story’

We’d love to hear from individuals and groups who meet in and around St. Luke’s. If you would like to tell the story about what you do, how it blesses you and others and how you see Jesus at work in your situation, why not let us know by emailing us.

Information about Connect

An online edition of Connect is available to download on our website and large print versions are available from the church stewards on request. The cut-off date for items is the 15th day of each month. Notices should be sent to the church office. We reserve the right to edit any submission.


From the moment we are born, we need a family, we need to belong in a community of people.

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Worship is at the heart of everything we do, not just on Sunday, but the whole of our lives.

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Children & Youth

We hope to engage our young people to be excited about what God has planned for their lives.

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