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    11/27/2017 to 12/04/2017
    Sunday 3rd December
    1st Sunday of Advent
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Andrew Hawkins
  • 10.30am - Celebration
    Speaker: Andrew Hawkins
  • 6.30pm - Celebration
    Speaker: Dave Torrens
  • 12/04/2017 to 12/11/2017
    Sunday 10th December
    2nd Sunday of Advent
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Bruce Malcolm
  • 10.30am - All Age Christingle
    Speaker: Donella McGill
  • 6.30pm - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 12/11/2017 to 12/18/2017
    Sunday 17th December
    3rd Sunday of Advent
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Gordon Mackley
  • 10.30am - Celebration
    Speaker: Gordon Mackley
  • 5.00pm - Carol Service
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 12/18/2017 to 12/25/2017
    Sunday 24th December
    Christmas Eve / 4th Sunday of Advent
  • 9.00am - Morning Prayer
    Speaker: Wendy Suffield
  • 4.00pm - Kidz Karolz
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 11.30pm - Midnight Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 12/25/2017 to 12/26/2017
    Monday 25th December
    Christmas Day
  • 10.00pm - All Age Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 12/26/2017 to 01/01/2018
    Sunday 31st December
    New Year’s Eve / 1st Sunday of Christmas
  • 10.30am - All Age Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 6.30pm - Watchnight Service
    Speaker: Chris Key
  • 01/01/2017 to 01/08/2017
    Sunday 7th January
    Epiphany / Baptism of Christ
  • 9.00am - Holy Communion
    Speaker: Chris Key (TBC)
  • 10.30am - Celebration
    Speaker: Chris Key (TBC)
  • 6.30pm - Celebration
    Speaker: Chris Key (TBC)


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2nd Sunday of Advent - 9:00am
Advent Sunday - 9:00am

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Details of Christmas services are available to view at #GodWithUs

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Updated 27th November 2017

December Service schedule - updated 27th November 2017

From the Vicar...
St. Luke's, Maidstone - Revd. Chris Key

Summer at St Luke's Maidstone.

Dear Friends,
Greetings to everyone.
I wanted you all to be clear about all the changes over the next two months, so we can all enjoy it together.

Refurbishment of Church.

The re-covering of most of our church chairs (changing them from red to purple, using a kind team of volunteers) and complete recarpeting of church, foyer, prayer room, etc. (from light blue to green, with a professional company) will take place over this summer.

For this reason the church itself will be out of action from July 29th, and all services and other events will be in the Hall.

To enable this to happen we have two events:

  • Saturday, July 29th, 10.00am onwards — Clearing the church in readiness for the professional carpet fitters to do the work.
  • Saturday, September 2nd, 10.00am onwards — “Loving the House”, when we invite everyone to come and help in church. There will be cleaning of regular items, as well as dusting after the carpet fitting, and we need people to make drinks and snacks, so please come for as long as you can manage, bringing suitable equipment if possible. A chance to have a preview of the refurbished church!

Location and Times of Services.

(HC means Holy Communion).

  • July 23rd — 9.00, 10.30 (HC), and 6.30 services, all in church.
  • July 30th to August 27th — 10.00am service only, for all ages, in the Hall.
  • September 3rd — 9.00 (HC),10.30, and 6.30 services, all back in church

The changes will make it easier for us all to be in the Hall, but also give a well-deserved rest to our youth and children's leaders, worship and technical team, preachers and leaders, and all of us.
Please come to the 10.00 services ready to meet people from other regular times who you've not met yet.

Our Summer Themes.

We will have a series running throughout the school holidays (Sundays July 23rd to September 3rd), with all-age services, at either 10.30 or 10.00am.

We’ll be looking at Why do we do that? to explore the main items in our services and discover why we all need them. We’ve got some really creative and exciting ways of doing that each week, with the following items:

  • July 23rd HC — Taking Bread and Wine, and its history (Matthew 26:17-19, 26-30)
  • July 30th — Saying Sorry together (Psalm 32:1-7)
  • August 6th HC — Taking Bread and Wine, and how we do it (1Corinthians 17-28)
  • August 13th — Praying for the World together (Acts 4:23-31)
  • August 20th HC — Saying written prayers together (Psalm 136:1-9)
  • August 27th — Hearing a Talk (Nehemiah 8:1-8)
  • September 3rd — Times of Singing to God (2 Chronicles 5:7-14), when we hope to have several stations around church, where you can try out ways of worshipping.

Advance Notice about Harvest.

Along with most other churches in the town we are altering the date when we celebrate Harvest this year, as part of the Waypoint initiative, so that it will be not September 17th but October 1st. The two morning services will especially celebrate God’s goodness in creation (with 10.30am being all-age and including our Uniformed Organisations). We invite you to bring along non-perishable foodstuffs which will be passed on to local organisations caring for the needy in our town.

Thank you all, and have a great summer. God bless you.
Chris Key (Vicar).


From the moment we are born, we need a family, we need to belong in a community of people.

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Worship is at the heart of everything we do, not just on Sunday, but the whole of our lives.

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Children & Youth

We hope to engage our young people to be excited about what God has planned for their lives.

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